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“The mission of the IOC is to promote Olympism throughout the world and to lead the Olympic Movement. This includes upholding ethics in sports, encouraging participation in sports, ensuring the Olympic Games take place on a regular schedule, protecting the Olympic Movement, and encouraging and supporting the development of sport”.
Article 2, Olympic Charter

On the road to Beijing….

The Chinese Olympic adventure began as soon as the announcement that the next games would take place in Beijing. Jean-Michel Laporte, CEO of the Group decides to search out all the shooting clubs in the Chinese provinces and invited their managers to come and visit his factories in France. In 2005, he received them at his Biot premises with a programmed visit of the production factory and an introduction of the Company’s culture. The Chinese recognize quality and the LAPORTE ® company won a sixth Olympic contract. 

The 102 machines for Skeet and Olympic Trench and Double Trap events were delivered and installed in April 2007 by three specialised LAPORTE ® technicians in less than 15 days. The incredible robustness and reliability of the machines were evident the following summer: after torrential rain which flooded the grounds, the machines remained immersed in water for several days but worked immediately after the water’s subsidence. A direct test that impressed professionals in the world of clay pigeon shooting worldwide.

Olympic organization committees carried out Test Events before each Olympiad. They serve as a rehearsal for each sport before the Games.  The clay pigeon discipline was held in April 2008 on the occasion of the World Championship and was a great technical success. The Games finally began...

The figures…

The Olympic Games in Beijing were:

  • 4 containers of LAPORTE® clays sold
  • 6 Olympic Trench and Skeet layout
  • A LAPORTE® team of 3 specialised technicians
  • A shooting ground of 88,500m² and a stand of 5000 spectateurs each day
  • 4 French shooters participating and one medal

Laporte Official Supplier of Talents...

As « A good worker always has good tools” Anthony Terras a long-standing believer and user of LAPORTE ® machines and clays demonstrates this with panache and wins the Olympic Bronze medal in Skeet.


Faster, Higher, Stronger...

The Olympic motto is composed of three Latin words “Citius, Altius, Fortius” which signifies Faster, Higher, Stronger.   This maxim proposed by Pierre de Coubertin at the creation of the International Olympic Committee in 1894 perfectly resumes the spirit which has driven the LAPORTE ® Company since 1927.


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