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To meet the highest standards, our clays are developed to meet extensive breaking and trajectory specifications. Our engineers have developed advanced techniques to avoid the suction effect, increasing the breakability of the clay while maintaining a strong structure and ensuring an excellent stability in flight. Today our clays can claim a minimal percentage of no-birds.

We transmit our rigour and unique technical expertise in the production of our clays whose qualities and performance have attracted shooters for more than 80 years as well as the organizers of the most prestigious competitions including the Olympics, the Supreme reference.

We provide clays in the United States for a minimum of a full container order.

  • 110mm - Laporte 2004 N.G.

    110mm - Laporte 2004 N.G.

    Naturally efficient. The LAPORTE ® 2004 N.G. clay is testimony to the ecological commitment made by the LAPORTE ® group to limit any harmful impact on our ecosystem using environmentally friendly materials such as bitumen.  It maintains all the performance and qualities of LAPORTE ® clays due to a researched design studied to accompany all disciplines including Olympic. The design of the LAPORTE ® 2004 clay guarantees No-Birds of less than 1 % with a structure sufficiently ...

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  • Pitc 98,5mm - Italian Rabbit

    Pitc 98,5mm - Italian Rabbit

    With more than 220 million clays sold each year throughout the world and over 80 years experience, the LAPORTE ® group has become a master in the design and manufacture of clays.   The group propose the Rabbit Italian clay (a favourite of Italians shooters hence its name) is a rolling clay, simulating a rabbit or a hare. Listed in the ecological process of the LAPORTE group, it is made from an environmentally friendly material.

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  • Pitch 108mm - Battue

    Pitch 108mm - Battue

    A unique experience. The LAPORTE ® Battue clay always animates your Sporting layout and offer stimulation to the shooter. With its 7 mm, it is the ideal partner to improve your ability for pheasant Produced in the search for quality that has been the LAPORTE reference in the clay pigeon world; the Battue clay benefits from an advanced design reconciled with a fine structure giving resistance to throwing. It can be used with LAPORTE ® machines PC 85, TAH 85 PRO and 185 PC Battue ...

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  • Pitch 110mm - Auto-Rabbit

    Pitch 110mm - Auto-Rabbit

    In order to create the Autorabbit clay, LAPORTE ® Group technicians had to achieve a clay in capable to respond to a dual technical nature: to be able to ride on the ground and be launched in the air.  Consequently, the Autorabbit clay lends perfectly to this dual-use while maintaining high performance, reliability and quality of production. Designed to assist in rabbit shots as well as classic sporting, it is an indispensable tool for any shooter to improve competence and skills. Used ...

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  • Pitch 110mm - Flash

    Pitch 110mm - Flash

    The only flash with 3gr of non-toxic powder The LAPORTE ® Flash has been designed especially to give a more photogenic rendering of Clay Pigeon shooting during televised competitions. Approved by the ISSF, this LAPORTE patented model is the only clay to have 3 grams of 100% ecological powder in the body of the clay(available in different colours), held in place by an exclusive biodegradable capsule and 27 soldered points. When the target is hit, there is a very visible cloud of colour ...

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  • Pitch 110mm - Laporte Competition

    Pitch 110mm - Laporte Competition

    LAPORTE® Olympic Quality at an affordable price. With billions of clays sold on the 5 continents since 1927, LAPORTE ® is positioned as the true leader in the design and production of clays. Manufactured in pitch and 110 mm in diameter, the LAPORTE ® Competition target is the culmination of long research to find a more effective and efficient design:  its stepped edge helps resist breakages in throwing, breaks easily on gun shot, its evacuations grooves avoid sticking clays ...

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  • Pitch 110mm - Laporte Grand Prix

    Pitch 110mm - Laporte Grand Prix

    The official clay of Olympic Games in Athens and Bejiing. Used at the Athens and Bajiing  Olympic Games, the LAPORTE Grand Prix clay in petrol pitch is coutoured to meet the highest level of shooters with its intelligent and efficient design, the fruit of extensive rtechnical studies of LAPORTE technicians/ingeneers. They have designed a highly effective target with evacuation grooves on the surface to avoid sticking clays as well as the existence of internal grooves and a dimpled ...

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  • Pitch 60mm - Mini

    Pitch 60mm - Mini

    The strength of the lightweight. Specially researched for Sporting disciplines, the LAPORTE ® Mini clay with its original 60 mm diameter offers new sensations for even more diverse shots for training. Available in pitch, its structure insures high resistance to throwing sufficient fragility to break upon gun shot. Essential for working on quail shots the Mini clay can be used on LAPORTE ® machines PC 85, TAH 85 PRO and 185 PC Bourdon 60 mm 12 PRO.

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  • Pitch 90mm - Midi

    Pitch 90mm - Midi

    The Midi clay attire clothes the range of special clays designed especially for Sporting proposed by the LAPORTE ® Group number one worldwide in the manufacturer of clays and machines. With its 90 mm diameter, it is ideal for training on Partridge shot and has seduced hunters who find new challenges coupled with the ability to significantly improve their technique. The result of the great effort by the LAPORTE ® technicians, the Midi clay offers a real comfort when shooting with its stepped ...

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  • Pitch clay 98mm - Slim - Rabbit

    Pitch clay 98mm - Slim - Rabbit

    The LAPORTE ® group enriches its special clays for Sporting layouts with the narrow based Rabbit (environmentally friendly) clay range. With its flat body circled by a border 15.2 mm thick, it perfectly simulates a rabbit on your Sporting layouts. Compatible with manual or automatic Rabbit machines, the Slim Rabbit has a structure showing high resistance to ground contact of launches while maintaining the necessary fragility for breakability on gunshot. Benefiting from the LAPORTE ® knowledge ...

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    LAPORTE® a valued partner for the Olympic Games since 1960…

    After the Olympic Games of Rome, Tokyo, Montreal, Moscow and Athens, the LAPORTE ® company exported its know-how and skills to China where it was the official machine supplier for the Beijing Games from the 8th to the 24th August 2008. This sixth Olympic selection is a consecration and the reward for over 80 years of experience, effort and discipline. It is therefore always with great pride that the LAPORTE ® teams combine and support the Olympic values of excellence, exceeding self-esteem and respect.
  • Olympic Games

    Athens 2004


    WITH LESS THAN 0,1% “No Birds”.