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To meet the highest standards, our clays are developed to meet extensive breaking and trajectory specifications. Our engineers have developed advanced techniques to avoid the suction effect, increasing the breakability of the clay while maintaining a strong structure and ensuring an excellent stability in flight. Today our clays can claim a minimal percentage of no-birds.

We transmit our rigour and unique technical expertise in the production of our clays whose qualities and performance have attracted shooters for more than 80 years as well as the organizers of the most prestigious competitions including the Olympics, the Supreme reference.

We provide clays in the United States for a minimum of a full container order.

  • Resin > 110mm - Laporte Natural Bird N.G.

    Resin > 110mm - Laporte Natural Bird N.G.

    More ecological still as effective. The LAPORTE ® group have put its decades of clay manufacturing expertise and technical excellence to design the LAPORTE ® Natural Bird N.G clay. Respecting the environment by manufacturing from environmentally friendly raw materials, it is specially designed for Sporting disciplines and has gained the confidence of thousands of shooters during International competitions.

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  • Resin > 110mm - Natural Compétition

    Resin > 110mm - Natural Compétition

    The LAPORTE ® group continue its progress in its ecological approach by proposing a range of clays in a new material, resin 100% ecological, which provides the same benefits as pitch in terms of fragility to gun fire and resistance to throwing distance but respects our ecosystem. The LAPORTE ® Natural Competition clay has been developed by our technicians to accompany the shooters during their training and in any discipline.  The outcome of extensive studies and in-depth research, it ...

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  • Resin > 110mm - Natural Grand Prix

    Resin > 110mm - Natural Grand Prix

    When LAPORTE ® makes Olympic performance rhyme with ecological commitment.   The LAPORTE ® group innovate with its latest line of clays manufactured in resin 100% ecological (an environmentally friendly raw material) which enters into the company’s ecological engagement already established with the bitumen based production.  The resin clay, a true progression, in addition to respecting the environment, maintains all the advantages of pitch in terms of fragility ...

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  • Olympic Games


    Exclusive Supplier Beijing Shooting Range in 2008

    LAPORTE® a valued partner for the Olympic Games since 1960…

    After the Olympic Games of Rome, Tokyo, Montreal, Moscow and Athens, the LAPORTE ® company exported its know-how and skills to China where it was the official machine supplier for the Beijing Games from the 8th to the 24th August 2008. This sixth Olympic selection is a consecration and the reward for over 80 years of experience, effort and discipline. It is therefore always with great pride that the LAPORTE ® teams combine and support the Olympic values of excellence, exceeding self-esteem and respect.
  • Olympic Games

    Athens 2004


    WITH LESS THAN 0,1% “No Birds”.