Our Machines Are Guaranteed

Our brand new target launchers are guaranteed from 2 to 3 years according to the model and unbounded use.

By buying a Laporte launcher, you buy a machine of great quality, manufactured carefully by our mechanics qualified in our modern factory of Biot France.

With the Laporte Guarantee, you made the acquisition of a launcher controlled on the level of all the elements which condition its good performance.

4 check-points: Electric, Assembly, Test launching, Packaging, are realized before sending of each one of our launchers.

Our guarantees completely cover all the defects of materials or manufacture. The repair or the replacement of any part found defective is dealt with, except the parts wear.

Our additional Guarantees: 

  • All the Laporte accessories are guaranteed 1 year spare part and hand work, the change of any part found failing is dealt with by the guarantee, except the parts wear.

Our Interventions in workshop:

  • The interventions in workshop are carried out by our qualified mechanics, that's why the Laporte Company guarantees its repairs 1 unbounded year d' use.
  • The Laporte Guarantee covers the hand work and exchange  spare parts for a use unlimited, over a 12 months period.