At Your Service Since 1927

Our policy is  to satisfy you. This is why we have set up 2 new clay factories in addition to the existing factory at Sermaize in the Marne. This three sites guarantee a fast and efficient supply with a new production capacity of 500 million clays each year.  As our first concern is to offer you a quality service, our clays are delivered in strengthened cartons ensure the best possible conditions for transport.

For An Ecological Future

We have been pioneers in the promotion of nature conservation and environmental protection strategies. Being responsible in thinking about tomorrow, it is now essential to integrate an ecological dimension to our daily business management.

We therefore take into account the environmental impact in the planning of the development of our clays and we are committed to offer you environmentally friendly products. Thus we have endeavoured to reconcile environmental commitment and high quality clays in bitumen or in an environmentally clean resin-based material.

Of an excellent quality and environmentally friendly, they are now used in many national and international competitions. In addition, they are made using non-toxic paint. We also use recyclable material for our packaging.

Streamlined Clays

To meet the highest standards, our clays are developed to meet extensive breaking and trajectory specifications. Our engineers have developed advanced techniques to avoid the suction effect, increasing the breakability of the clay while maintaining a strong structure and ensuring an excellent stability in flight. Today our clays can claim a minimal percentage of no-birds.

We transmit our rigour and unique technical expertise in the productuon of our clays whose qualities and performance have attracted shooters for more than 80 years as well as the organizers of the most prestigious competitions including the Olympics, the Supreme reference.