Any kind of machine can be used on the Game Trailer, including DTL,ABT, WOOBLE and 18 columns of course.
   - 100 clays in 60 seconds (timing can be varied).
   - Fully programmable release system.
   - Perfect for game shooting practise.
   - Release by timer or manual.
   - Adjustable throwing angles.
   - Removable trap mounting angles.
   - Removable trap mounting unit.
   - Heavy duty trailer.
   - Choice of machines.
   - Optional road legal or off road trailer.
   - Battery charging system.

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Our after-sales service technicians are not surprised to regularly see Laporte machines of over thirty years of age passing through their hands and still working.
This exceptional lifespan is our added value and our trademark since 1927. Fully assembled by hand by our specialised technical team, each of our machines is voluntarily oversized and enjoys a corrosion resistant treatment. In addition, being constructed of more than 60 % aluminium alloy, our machines do no alter with time and have a moderate weight.


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