Don’t waste your time reloading!
Laporte’s latest innovation from 2017 is the new 18C trap range.

Amazing capacity of 1000 TARGETS!
- Easy, fast and safe loading.
- Target anti-vibration feature.
- Centre of gravity positioning.
- Improved stabilisation and trajectory on any charge.
- Smooth adjustments and settings.

Further details:
- Even fully loaded you can easily adjust and lock elevation and windage.
- Eye rods replace ball joints on adjustable axis for a better accuracy.
- Elevation setup based on bearing inside the frame to reduce friction.
- Very smooth and accurate horizontal azimuth setup thanks to a tooth wheel.
- Complete vibration suppression structures with aluminium base replaced by a very strong steel base.
- Improved throwing plate with additional smart finger to gently center the clay from external and internal columns to the perfect throwing position.
- Auto clean magazine in case of broken
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TARGET diam 108mm
ANGLE (Vertical) 30°
RECOCKING TIME                                      2.2 sec
WEIGHT 103kg

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