• 1116040 - Radio Remote 16 ways
  • 1116040 - Radio Remote 16 ways
  • 1116040 - Radio Remote 16 ways

Transmitter 16 ways:
-Liquid Crystal Display (2 lines of 12 characters)
-Count or down count mode
-Programming capability:
-50 lines of fire
-15 stations / line
-16 machines / station
-Possibility of blocking the line and extension number

Single Player:
-Adjustable trip delay up to 15 seconds
-Reloading by induction on a dedicated base
-No need to open the device for power supply or coding
S-oftware update by usb port

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LAPORTE presents its NEW RADIO SYSTEM with the most innovative features of the market. Easy to use this system benefits from the latest transmission technologies that make it the essential reference for professionals and amateurs alike.
Another innovation to be credited to our French manufacturer, LAPORTE.

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