The TAH 85 PRO is the fastest machine ever made !
Using their extensive knowledge and experience, Laporte is proud to present  the TAH 85 PRO.

This is a robust, high-performance machine for individual use. It offers the possibility to use 4 different types of clays (standard, Midi 90mm, Mini 60mm and Drilled) thanks to a patented system. It also has the fastest resetting time ever developed by Laporte Technologies: 0.6 seconds.
This innovative technology permits 5 trays to be into the air before the first one even touches the ground! The TAH 85 PRO offers many possibilities with its capacity of 85 clays (or 135 battues) and a shooting range of 100m.  It also allows shooting in a fixed position, shooting with the horizontal or vertical movement alone and shooting with the vertical and horizontal movement.
It is supplied as standard with a 50m cable remote control. Laporte (sign of  quality since 1927 guarantees the TAH 85 PRO for 2 years.
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