Just a quick letter to inform you of our Championship shoot held at Dartford Clay Sports Club. The shoot was a NSSA registered skeet event at Dartford, the Iron Man Championship held over two days on the 5th and 6th of April, this consisted of 400 12 Gauge targets, 200 shot straight through each day. Myself and one of the ground staff, Dave Nicholson, had serviced the traps on the four skeet ranges before the event in preparation for the high volume of target to be thrown. We had an entry of 53 guns, with a maximum capacity of 60, giving a total of 21,200 targets to be thrown. Over the weekend we did not have one broken target of the traps. This goes to show the quality of the targets.

— Charlie Lucas Dartford Clay Sports Club

We leave our traps out at all times and the river flooded the field to a depth of at least 4 ft. When the level dropped to allow us onto the shoot we were amazed that after a bit of cleaning and greasing all the traps worked first time. The ABT which we purchased at the beginning of the year was completely submerged under at least 6 ft of water for three to four days including the electronics. The only problem with it was a fuse has blown when we tried it first time. We have a total of 20 Laporte Traps (185`s, Arm Rabbit and single stack 85) and would highly recommend Laporte Traps to anyone for robustness and reliability.

— Stan Bach Elford Clay Pigeon Club